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Injection Molding System


The injection unit optimally designed for injection molding provides higher accuracy and ensures greater stability. The screw length-diameter ratio is more reasonable, the plasticizing ability is stronger, and may match the Special Engineering Plastic Screw, guarantees the product quality optimization. The Integral Guide Rod Seat is novel and beautiful, strong and reliable, and the injection is faster, more stable and more compact. Modular design, fully meet the requirements of personalized processing technology, to provide customers with more choices.

Clamping system


Adopting the international advanced concept, changing the mechanical properties of the clamping mechanism, significantly reducing the deformation of the template, and effectively improving the precision of the products. The distance between the pull rods is larger, and the mould shifting stroke is longer. Large ejection space, standard thimble forced reset mechanism, to meet the requirements of special mold forced reset. The platform shortens the forming cycle, improves the production efficiency, various hydraulic ejection modes, special processing of the pull rod, and the strength is reliable.

Hydraulic Machinery


1, the standard equipped with servo energy-saving pump system, using high-performance servo motor and famous oil pump, with high-quality and reliable driver, perfect to achieve high energy-saving, high precision, high response, low noise, low oil temperature and other excellent characteristics, the utility model has the advantages of compact structure, good self-priming property of the oil pump and little influence by the work

2, equipped with world-class brand hydraulic components, reasonable oil arrangements, smooth and reliable operation, significantly improve the efficiency of the heat will be smaller control;

3, equipped with self-sealing oil filter, machine maintenance easy;

4, according to customer demand, flexible matching and installation of a variety of special functions.


Control System


Water-proof and dust-proof sealed electric box is safe and reliable; the software functions are more powerful and can meet the needs of various mould forming processes; the Internet management system is reserved to realize the remote real-time monitoring and maintenance diagnosis of each injection molding machine, reasonable arrangement of production and other advanced management



Mature and reliable stability


It’s durable

Elbow Oil Bushing design, and equipped with a centralized automatic lubrication system to make the joint parts better lubrication effect, improve the joint service life, a new frame structure, making the fuselage more reasonable force, the rigidity of the wall is effectively strengthened by increasing the strength of the large column.

Equipped with world-class brand hydraulic components, hydraulic system smooth and reliable, greatly improve efficiency at the same time will heat control smaller.

Humanized design


Simple and effective, fast and flexible, easy to operate/n/nThe ejector seat is effectively improved, and the nozzle alignment fine-tuning device can align the nozzle through simple operation, and the correction is convenient./n/nEjection mode variety, ejection force and speed set according to product needs, improve the rate of finished products, high shooting speed design, air running cycle time greatly reduced./n/nThe latest easy to operate dedicated injection molding machine controller, response cycle is shorter, LCD liquid crystal display, with eight levels of gray display.

Excellent value for money


Simple Maintenance, safety and energy saving

The mechanism, oil circuit, wiring and other Modular design are easy to replace.

Standard Software Safety Protection Chain, prevent high-pressure hose explosion caused by safety accidents.

Technical parameter


L series high-end precision servo energy-saving injection molding machine

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